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The other day Daniel Hein from Kinetic was out on the ice on a small Danish lake to try our Kinetic ice fishing rods and our new Kinetic Icecore drills. It was a quick afternoon session and the drill was used extensively. Luckily the quality of the drill made the job easier, and the pikes also seemed to cooperate:

 After catching five smaller pike, we decide to drill a few more holes even though the day is coming to an end. At first nothing happens and we start packing our gear. We are about to take in the last rod as something attack the baitfish. In a steady pace the line disappears into the hole over the deepest part of the lake. As I strike and set the hooks the response is solid and heavy. There’s no doubt. It’s a big pike. After a few runs and some heavy headshaking the head of a big pike shows up in the 200 mm hole. Without further complication I’m able to get a gill grip and land the fish. It’s carefully placed in a weigh sling and the weight is determined: 10.9 kilos. The length of the impressive fish is measured to 112 cm. After a few photos in the very last light of day, the pike is safely returned to its world below the ice. It is important to point out, that we never keep a pike out of the water in freezing temperatures, since there’s a risk of harming their eyes. Luckily the temperatures this day was above freezing, says Daniel.

Right now temperatures in Denmark are relatively high and the ice is melting. Daniels pike might very well be the last big fish of the short Danish ice fishing season.  

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:  

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