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Nytt spännande spökoncept från Guideline. Stor möda och tänk har legat på att konstruera spön som i material och byggande påverkar miljö och vatten minimalt!

Guideline launches green and eco-friendly fly rods. The new Elevation rod series is purpose built to reduce harmful footprint meaning less or no toxic chemicals and greener components while still using graphite for best performance 

  • lightly sanded blanks
  • low resin graphite
  • no chrome = no lead
  • no rubber-cork
  • water based glue in grips
  • less coating/no paint
  • eco-epoxy
  • clear anodized aluminum
  • polypropylene tubes
  • less weight/volume in tubes
  • recycled polyester in bags/tube covers  


Non grinded blanks:

Blanks are just lightly buffed to soften the spiral pattern from baking tape. This is kept to a minimum and any excessive waste is collected in separate tank before water is passed on to community cleaning facility. The blanks have a soft spiral pattern and thin, matte, low VOC-coating.

Low resin graphite:

A denser weave compound of carbon fibers than normal prepreg. This reduces the amount of resin needed to fill and reinforce the gaps between each fiber. As the resin has a high weight, these low resin content rods are lighter, more condensed and feature a faster and more powerful recovery. 

No chrome = No lead.

Rods are mounted with light wire single leg guides. We use an eco-friendly powder coat finish (PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition) on a stainless frame, very hard but with no chrome plating (which contains lead).

No epoxy glue in cork grips:

The cork rings in the grips are glued with Titebond III, non-toxic, water-based and waterproof one component glue. The same glue is used by professional custom rod builders across the globe. 

No rubber cork:

We use only natural cork where possible, as it contains less amount of resins and glues than rubber cork or other mixed compounds do.

Low toxin/low VOC coating/no paint

By applying a minimum amount of coating without any color pigments added, the blank surface is sealed and protected from salt and dirt, while minimizing weight and volume of resins on the surface of the rod. The coating we use has almost no odor and is a great choice for the workers environment, while providing a more than sufficient bond and protection to the blank.

Clear anodized aluminum

Metal parts on the reel seats are “clear anodized” which is the least time- and power-consuming process when anodizing aluminum reel seats. We use no added colors, which further reduces environmental impact. 

ECO-friendly Epoxy:

Epoxy adhesives and coatings used during the production of Elevation rods have been tested and approved according to both US and European health standards in regard to lead, phthalates, VOC and heavy metals. 

Polypropylene (PP) Tubes:

Polypropylene is a more flexible plastic that is not harmful for nature or for you to use (PVC free). Using PP in our tubes also means much less water consumption and very low proportions of raw material waste or emission during the production process.

Less weight & volume in the tubes:

Taking a new approach to tube-designs and the way rods are kept inside, we have managed to lower the volume of the tubes by 15-20% depending on rod model. This means less volumes to ship and store, which in turn also means less carbon footprint during freight. The Polypropylene material further improves the environmental effect by being extremely light in weight.

Recycled polyester bags/tubes and less weight/volume:  

Both the Elevation rod bags and the strong fabric covering the lightweight Polypropylene tubes are produced from recycled polyester fabric.

No plastic sleeves on rod grips:

We reduce use of plastic to a minimum by delivering the rods without plastic on the grips.

All business activities affect nature to some extent. Our eco vision is: “Clean All the Way” which means minimal environmental impact as possible by always sourcing best practice. In Aug. 2018, we accepted the challenge reaching our long-term goals: become fluorocarbon-free, reducing our CO2 emission and minimizing plastic use in packaging. A year later, we have made an impressive amount of progress and improvements involving all areas in our business: from design and testing to pre-production and production incl. packaging to incoming logistics, warehouse and outgoing logistics, as well as involving our Dealers.

In the Elevation rods, we have created a monster range; it is sustainable, kick-ass performing rods, available at an aggressive price point – meaning more eco-friendly impact via volume segments. A good example of how our eco-vision works making decisions with brain and heart at the same time. 

Of course, it is a great feeling to launch new products that takes sustainable fly fishing to a new level. However, the main thing is that we contribute in getting more clean nature and waters. Guideline are serious and committed to make a difference the best we can acting through our products. Therefore, we challenge our colleagues in the fly-fishing industry to follow our eco way. All in the benefit for next generations.

Jonsered Sweden, in January 2020

Thomas Carlsson

Guideline, MD


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