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Extreme sea trout catches in Denmark and Sweden. Both in Denmark and Sweden sea trout fishing is excellent right now.

On Gotland in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea the guides Joakim Lyander and Kenny Cronhamn from FishYourDream had some excellent fishing on the D360°, Salty and several other Magic Minnow lures as they really hit the Jackpot and caught 35 trout’s between the two of them during a day.

In general the size of the trout’s around Gotland is impressive and so were these with a majority of chrome bright fish between two and three kilos! To be honest, the fishing was so good, that Kenny is convinced that almost any lure would have caught fish. On other days the lure really makes a difference and so far the Magic Minnow Salty 26 g has been “the right stuff” on Gotland, and he wouldn’t recommend a guided trip without bringing a couple of these lures. So far he has caught several chrome bright fish from two kg up to 5,3 kg this year on Salty…

Another Salty enthusiast is René Busk from the Danish shop A little more than a week ago he was fishing in Mariager Fjord with the wind coming right against him. Using a 18 g Salty he caught a few fish, but when he changed for a 26 g version the real bonanza started. During two and a half hour he caught over 70 trout’s and even though he was using a fly as a dropper in front of the lure, the trout’s only took his Salty lure. Another friend was fishing along using other lures and only had six or seven fish.

The trout’s were of mixed size below and above the Danish minimum size of 40 cm and René was using barbless hooks to avoid damage on smaller fish. The occasional huge trout from 2-3 kg and up wasn’t there during those intense hours of fishing, but still – What a day!



A beautiful chrome 4.56 kg sea Trout caught by FishYourDream guide Kenny Cronhamn on a Magic Minnow Salty 26 g.



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