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Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is proud to announce that they will be the new 2012 distributor of TiCA reels in Scandinavia. The brand TiCA was registered in 1991 by the company EverWinner, Ltd of Taichung, Taiwan. EverWinner founded in 1965 has a long history of making machined parts, athletic equipment and fishing reels for world famous high end brands, before they finally launched their own brand TiCA  

From the very beginning TiCA has insisted on developing their own innovative technologies and due to this, they now possess a position as one of the top brands in the international fishing tackle industry. Through the years designing and producing innovative fishing reels has been a top priority and it is almost needless to say that TiCA Reels are born to perform!  

From the beginning of 2012 Fairpoint Outdoors will start distributing TiCA in Scandinavia. A few of the models in our 2012 catalogue are already known and valued reels in Scandinavia, but there’s also a lot of new models that will be a pleasant surprise for Scandinavian anglers, says Marketing Coordinator Peter Kirkby.  

We have already tested several of the new models. One of the features found on many Tica Reels is the Intelligent Oscillating System (IOS) that ensures a perfect line lay. Together with our Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar I tested this system while fishing for arctic char from the shore in Greenland. We were using a small Tica Cambria LY and the line lay was absolutely stunning for a reel in this price class, making it possible to fish with ultra-thin braided line without risking line tangles. The slogan of TiCA says BORN TO PERFORM! Arctic char up to 3 kilos are really strong fish. The reel handled them with ease and truly proved to be a born performer 

Marketing coordinator, Peter Kirkby
Direct: +45 22 12 76 70
Fairpoint Outdoors: +45 48 10 38 00



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