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Guideline förstärker med flugfiskeprofiler för produktuveckling, Tellis Katsogiannos och Paul Richardson. 

Two well-known industry profiles join the Guideline Product & Development Team. Experience comes from extensively doing things, with passion! At Guideline we go to work every day with a single-minded goal: “to inspire and give people the best possible flyfishing experience”. All our tackle and clothing products are directly influenced by our collected experiences from fishing different waters around the world.

Furthermore, we have a desire to continuously improve, innovate and explore new product ideas. That’s why we now further strengthen our P&D team with two new “nerds” in their respective area of expertise.

Alongside our head of tackle development, Leif Stävmo, we are thrilled to welcome Tellis Katsogiannos (SE) and Paul Richardson (UK) to the team.

Tellis (37) has 16 years of experience in fly rod and fly line design and during the last decade he has operated his own brand, TSD. Besides being a dedicated fisherman chasing multiple species on a fly, he is an outstanding fly caster and has won gold medals in world championships. His unique ability to translate his casting skills into new product developments of rods and lines is remarkable. Coupled with product development his great passion is teaching casting and flyfishing to all levels of fishing enthusiasts. While winding down his own product line, Tellis will gradually step up the work to become a full-time employee by the end of this year.

Paul (40) is an outstanding industrial designer with unrivalled experience and track record as an industry-leading brand & design consultant through his business RISE CREATIVE. As a passionate fly fisherman his specialty has naturally become fly reel design, having worked in the hard goods space for the past 14 years with some of the most respected brands in the industry. Meshing with the internal Guideline team, Paul will lead the design & development of fly reels for Guideline and will be responsible for some ground-breaking advancements in this category over the coming years.

“This is one of the most exciting and substantial investments we have ever done in P&D. In total our team now consists of five dedicated product developers. These two recruitments will strengthen our capacity to develop future products that have less impact on our environment, meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler and continue to bring everlasting moments by the water”.

As we like to say it; It’s all about the experience.

Espen Myhre
Product & Brand Director in Guideline.





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