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Välkända flugfiskeföretage
t Guideline knyter nu till sig den kände flugfiskaren och entreprenören Klaus Frimor. Klaus har synts i många flugfiskesammanhang genom åren. Kast och flugfiskeskolor på Island, utvecklingsarbete med Loop Tackle mm. Så här säger Guidelines Leif Stävmo om tillskottet…

  I am absolutely thrilled to see this agreement happen! Klaus has been a long time colleague in the business and I have always been admiring his work on the casting pools around Europe, his pleasant and laid back personality and the way he has managed to stay tuned with the trade and at the same time making sure to follow his passion and drive for the real thing; flyfishing in beautiful and challenging areas around the world. Klaus’ heart is closely connected to fishing and his thoughts on rod design and actions, performance of flylines and casting-style are all based on his experience as a truly professional fly angler. In the coming years, this will add a new and exciting dimension to technical developments in our products range, as well as in the philosophy behind it. Klaus will add tremendous power to our Team and will further strengthen our relationship with fly-anglers and dealers

//Bo Gunnars +FishEco


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