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Hi guys, The Seeker is an aptly named coastal lure, which is extremely long-casting and brutally good looking. The lead-free lure is a part of the new Savage Gear saltwater program, and it has been specifically designed to run shallow with the most enticing kicking action.

This unique lure will rotate quite slowly to the sides on spin stops – flashing and attracting the predators from great distances and inducing aggressive strikes.

The incredibly stunning appearance of this lure is unparalleled, and test fishing has proven that it performs wonders on both saltwater and freshwater species. All lures are made with Japanese top quality components and treble hooks, and each lure comes with an additional wide gape single hook for snag-free mounting. They are especially superb for seatrout and seabass!

The Seeker comes in two sizes, a 7,5cm and 16gram version and a 9cm and 23gram version. Available colours are the following; Dirty Silver, Psycho Sardine, Psycho Sandeel, and Lemon Back Flash.

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