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Med 3D teknik i modellering och scanning har Savage Gear skapat vad dom själva kallar ”the perfect lure in appearance and swimming action”! Att betet ser både spännande och realistiskt ut är det lätt att hålla med om, det ska bli intressant att se hur det fungerar…

The Real Eel

Loose body / shallow The spitting image 3D Reel Eel is designed to swim with a big, lively curl tail kicking action – both on steady retrieve and on the drop – where they produce the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary predator fish to attack. Field testing results have been phenomenal and these easily fished lures will amaze you!


·         Perfect for Pike and other big predator fish – even Saltwater!

·         Superb for casting and trolling over shallow areas

·         Supplied with matching non-lead ball jig head and treble hook stinger

·         Ultra slow-speed action.

·         Boiling water reshape

·         Tournament quality hooks

·         Saltwater accessories available


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