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Wrap My Rocket is the first of 2 models that Quintrex is introducing onto the small fishing boat scene. This 390 Custom Fly specially ordered by FiskeFeber is defiantly the coolest if not the best designed small fly/jerk boat available on the market anywhere in Europe. 

Boasting the renowned 390 Ellipse Hull known for its fantastic stability, we have lengthened  the aft casting deck and moved the console further forward to give the boat a unique balans. This makes this boat plane on a hair pin! On top of this we have developed the most remarkable rod holders ever seen on a little boat. These rodholders are capable of swallowing 6 fully rigged fly fishing rods whilst lying out of harms way! This has been done by forming plastic tubing to the shape of the hull and making stays and guides to sit all in place. Wow!

The Wrap My Rocket is one of 2 themes we have at the moment, this first fish theme is beutifull to look at and gives the boat a 3 dimensional characteristic. The second will be shown shortly on the newly to be introduced Stealth Series fishing boats from Quintrex.  

Graeme McKenzie
Managing Director
Quintrex Boating Scandinavia AB


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