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We have a couple of incredible pike catches for you here. French Savage Gear consultant, Kevin Hernandez, has done it again! Using a Butch Light 15-60gram rod, an Okuma Citrix reel, 0.20mm Adrenaline HD, a 0.60mm FC tippet and the extremely effective Cannibal Shad on a 12,5gram Ball Jighead, he managed to lure a real monster pike on one of his local lakes – a deep and clear venue with a small population of really, but also really difficult pike.

The fish he caught measured a whopping 127cm with an estimated weight of 17-18 kilos. The earily coloured fish was released unharmed after a few quick shots. What a fish!!!

Marco Giudici, who is an extremely experienced Italian pike angler with an experimental approach to fishing, has also been out pike fishing. Recently he went out on one of his local venues – an extremely deep and clear lake, and he fished a dead roach behind one of the new Savage Gear Paravanes using a Savage Gear Lip Scull, a T Carp rod from Prologic, an Okuma Cedros reel and Savage Gear HD line. The fish – a 117cm pike – hit the bait without hesitation, and when it surfaced Marco was amazed at how big its head was. It could have swallowed a basketball!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to keep the pictures and reports coming:

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
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