i Salt/Hav

This is the biggest halibut in the world that has been caught and then released back to the sea after a photo session in the water. 

There has been caught a few bigger halibuts but non of these got there freedom back. The fish where caught on a Nordic Sea Angling destination in Norway called Å which is located in Lofoten. The angler is a guest from Sweden, Daníel Jóhannsson and together with the whole boat team included the fishing guide Martin Johansson they manage to bring up to the queen from the depth to the surface after a hard fight on 30 minutes. The fish took a Crazy Daziy 400gr lure from Westin-Fishing and the rod was a Dynamic Boat 30-50lbs from Westin-Fishing. Guide Johan Mikkelsen took the photos and tagged the fish with a ID-number for international research in Norway.

Nordic Sea Angling have a couple destinations in Norway where they catch a lot of big fish and they also are one of the most serious one when it comes to Catch & Release and to handle the fish correct and with respect!! This fish is also the All time record for Nordic Sea Angling and we all salute Daníel Jóhannsson for this great catch!

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