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The Venus series, our flagship in single-hand rods, has finally been completed with the full-scale arrival of the White Venus rods. These white beauties are available with traditional full wells handle in classes #6 and #9 and with ergonomic D – shapeTM handles in classes #8, #9 and #10.

This rod series has been tested extensively in tropical locations, including Belize, Christmas Island, Venezuela, Vanuatu, Cuba and Florida Keys, and they have never let us down. Although the white colored rods get occasionally some friendly comments from local guides, we are more than pleased for the performance of these rods when casting to and fighting with fast and furious saltwater predators.
Additionally, we have tested class #6 Venus rods as generic streamer rod on larger trout streams. We can only state: It is not only one of the most stunning looking rods available, but it is also one of the best. Don’t take our word on that – tie on a large Woolly Bugger with a heavy conehead and give it a go. Just make sure that the far bank is really far away… A word of warning: once you have one of these in your hand, you don’t want to put it down. For more information, please go to Venus product pages

Venus SW 9′ #6 Product code: VW4906W
Venus SW 9′ #9 Product code: VW4909W V
enus SWS 9′ #8 (D-shape) Product code: VWS4909W
Venus SWS 9′ #9 (D-shape) Product code: VWS4909W
Venus SWS 9′ #10 (D-shape) Product code: VWS4909W

Tight lines,
Mika Vainio
Marketing manager Vision Group Ltd.


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