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During the last week Test team member Henrik Carl has been fishing for sturgeon. No – he wasn’t in Canada or Russia. Instead he has been fishing in the small trout lake Poppelsøen In Ballerup half an hour from the center of Copenhagen in Denmark.

This summer around 80 sturgeons has been stocked in the lake. The biggest are Siberian sturgeon up to 10 kilos – there are several of medium size Russian sturgeon and finally some small Beluga sturgeon. During 3 trips Henrik has caught and released 10 of these. He found that not only is the Kinetic 13 feet Godspeed Ultralight Spin a perfect rod for trout fishing with bombarda floats and long leaders, it’s also a great rod for coarse fishing for all kinds of fish including sturgeon and Henrik uses it with a Viva Tactics free line reel.  

Henrik has been using pellets, shrimps or small pieces of herring fished on a sliding rig with a small weight or a feeder and this set-up seems to work perfect. So far the biggest three biggest are Siberian sturgeons weighing 5.5 – 5.7 and 7.0 kilos. All of them were extreme fighters leaping out of the water several times. The biggest took nothing less than half an hour before surrendering.   Danish info on the lake is found at:  

If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:   For further information on Kinetic, Viva, Move Mountains, Westin, Unique Flies, Hardy, Greys, Eagle Claw, Rio, Rooster Tail and Fox Light in Scandinavia, please visit  

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