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To the professional fishing guide Ronny Andén the season peaked last week, when one of his clients caught a huge pike measuring 124 cm and weighing 12.7kg. Like several other big pikes this year, it was caught on a Westin Platypus.

The two brothers Robert and Ronny Andén are – without the shadow of a doubt – the most experienced fishing guides in all of Scandinavia.  In total they have been guiding fulltime for over 50 years with pike, perch and zander as their preferred target spicies. Most of the fishing takes place in freshwater or in the large brackish water estuaries near Stockholm.

Since the end of May the fishing has been “red hot” and costumers fishing with the two guides have been catching both large numbers and larges sizes of pike.  There has been days with four fish over eight kilos and the fishing peaked last week as one of Ronny’s customers caught the 124 cm / 12.7 kg monster on a 57g Platypus. The very same day Ronny himself caught a 9.6 kilo fish.

At the end of May the pikes were in shallow water and the 17cm Westin Jätte Shallow Runner was deadly. Later as the fish moved into deeper water both sizes of the Platypus lure and the new 19cm Westin Jätte did the trick. For many years the 17cm Westin Jätte has been a favorite lure on Ronny and Roberts boats. According to Ronny the new 19cm Westin Jätte is becoming equally as popular. It has a god size that even beginners are able to use and the large size and silhouette is really attractive to big pike in deeper water.

During the last weeks the best colors have been Concealed Fish, Red Tiger, Goldwing and Tiger.

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