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The 23cm version of Westin Jätte is a perfect big-predator-lure for trolling and targeting huge pike.

A home-painted Westin Jätte was part of the lure selection when Swedish Ola Nilsson, his friend Mattias Jönsson and the nephew of Mattias – 10 year old Gustav Nilsson – went trolling for huge pikes during the last part of November. Since the water was cold, the tactic of the day was to use line mounted side planners to spread out the lures and to fish at a slow speed close to 1.0 knots. The first huge pike of the day was caught by Ola who landed a beautiful 10.1 kg fish. This fish was tricked by a large plastic lure. Only 30 minutes later it was time for the Westin lure fished on Gustav’s rod to prove its worth. A huge pike had attacked the lure and Gustav was in for the fight of his life!

It was hard but Gustav managed to wrestle the fish to the boat and soon after he was posing with a pike that seemed gigantic compared to his own size. The impressive measures were 11.54 kg and 117 cm.

A big fish like this represents the top of the food chain and as a gesture Gustav released the fish unharmed back into the lake.

The homemade color used on the 23 cm Westin lure is called EKG by Ola Nilsson and his friends. The best resembling production color will be the Emo color – a new color for the 23 cm Westin Jätte in 2013.  

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