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Hi guys, 

We have a new Savage Gear instructional promo-video ready for you, featuring Mads Grosell and the ever-popular Sandeel lure. You can find the video by following this link: – and in it, you will be brought along for some morning fishing after cod. The magic Sandeel fished on light gear offers Mads Grosell some exciting and fun fishing for decent sized cod, and the underwater footage gives you great insights into the world of sea spin fishing. Prepare for lots of action – Bam!

In related news, Savage Gear is working on a whole new range of lures and gear for saltwater fishing, so there will be lots more like this on the horizon. Have a great day!

Med venlig hilsen/All the best Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
Svendsen Sport A/S
Erhvervsparken 14
4621 Gadstrup
Phone: +45 46 17 00 37


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