i Spinn

Uli Beyer är lite av Tysklands mr Gädda. Förutom egna enorma gäddor har han guidat upp ett flertal gäddor över femton kilo! Nu kommer kronan på verket, en fisk på hela 21200 gram och 137 cm för vännen Oliver Riesch. Extra roligt är att fisken togs på ett svenskt bete, legendariska Zalt wobblern…

Så här berättar Uli själv om fisken:

– The fish came while a booked guiding trip. It was our third attempt to find a date and guiding together. Oli asked for years and didn´t catch a meter pike for several years. He is a good customer, a frequent guiding guest in my boat since more than 25 years.

– A good friend for long time. I sold him this Zalt 14 cm surely 20 years ago and recommended it this day. Because it was sunny and my “Zalt-confidence“ gave me the inspiration for this Zalt pattern. I don´t know, how many fish over 15 Kilo I guided since plenty of years there.

– Unfortunately, we didn´t film a lot from the huge fish, due to a lost of my camera in hard winds before, but I tried to get an acceptable result for Youtube watchers.



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