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Hi guys, the weekend is coming up, and its time for some more fishing! The amount of reports, that we have received over the last week, suggests that the fishing this weekend will be red hot. Both the pike, perch, and zanders have been feeding aggressively, and so have lots of exciting saltwater fishes.

Among the reports that we have received, is one from Savage Gear consultant Christian Moeller. Christian Møller is a very innovative fisherman with some radical new ideas that seem to turn difficult days into magic ones. Christian has been busy lately fishing for zanders, and he has developed a technique for clear lakes – a technique that, within short time, has yielded several 5+ kilo zanders with quite a few in the 7-8kilo range.

Although being a legendary pike lure, Christian has used the 30cm Alien Eel lure for zanders, and he has enjoyed massive success even when other experienced zander fishermen have gone home completely empty-handed.

Christian simply trolls the Alien Eels behind MP Paravanes, and the incredible thing is that the zanders rise from up to twelve meters of water to attack the Alien Eels which fish a mere 3-4meters down. Even though zanders are typically very skeptical fish, the poor Eels have gotten completely engulfed, and Christian feels certain that he has found a very special and unique zander lure in the Alien Eel.

Marco Giudici has also been out fishing. His latest fishing stint brought him to a local lake – a clear and deep venue with some big but very shy and skeptic pike. Marco’s strategy was to search for the fish close to the drop offs using trolling techniques. The lure he used was a Lip Scull-mounted dead bait fish, and the results were stunning! The pike lost all inhibitions, and when the day was over a couple of pikes in the 20lb range had been boated and released.

Lars Rytter has reported that he spent the weekend in Norway fishing for pike on a big reservoir. The fish were scarce and distributed over vast areas, and so trolling 19cm 4Play lures close to the drop offs struck Lars as the right decision. It was, and Lars ended up hooking up with a monster pike that gave all it had before being boated and released. It weighed 13,3 kilos! Another capital trophy fish for the legendary Savage Gear 4Play lure. This time a 19cm 4Play lowrider in the Fluo Orange and Gold!

Keep the reports coming, and enjoy the fishing this weekend –

See you out there.

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
Svendsen Sport A/S


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