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Vi kan gratulera Christer Lindström till sin fjärde gädda över 16 kilo! På ett ensampass lyckades han fånga en galet grov gädda på hela 16,825 kg och måtten 119 cm lång och 67 cm i omkrets. Gäddan gapade över en Westin Platypus. Här följer Christers egna ord om fångsten: 

“ I was away for a two day solotrip targeting big pike when the conditions seemed to be right for the choosen area of fishing. The first day started slow as expected with only a small pike but in the afternoon I got the second strike on a #Platypus in ”Cannibal Perch” colour and it felt heavy from the first second. When the fish took around 70 feet of line from my reel and the W3 trolling rod bended deeper than ever, I realized that this was something special. The fight was hard and it refused to come to the surface, always a good sign! When it finally got close to the boat I saw it was a good one and the landing went fine. A first I estimated the pike to be around 14 kilos but when I lifted the net into the boat I realized that it was even bigger!  

– The pike was the thickest and broadest fish I ever landed with a girth of 67 cm almost the whole way to the tail! It was only 119 cm long but turned out to weigh massive 16,825 kg! My fourth swedish pike over 16 kilos and the season 2017 is already a good one! After a couple of photos I returned this perfection of a pike back to the water and it was majestic to watch it swim down in the clear water!” –

Christer Lindström, Team Westin


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