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Shimano Stella lanseras i nytt utförande! En ny era har påbörjats! En av de intressantaste fiskenyheterna för 2022 är redan släppt, Shimano kommer med en ny modell av den ikoniska fiskerullen Shimano Stella.

Detta kommer bli en stor “snackis” inom kategorin haspelrullar, den tidlösa serien blir uppdaterade med en rad nya teknologier som Shimano väljer att kalla ” Infinity Evolution”. Dessa tekniker ska leda till en rad förbättringar och kommer sätta en ny standard för haspelrullar!

– Stella is SHIMANO’s ultimate spinning reel – evolved. Featuring a remarkable amount of new technology, the Stella reaches new heights of excellence and offers unparalleled performance for anglers wanting the very best.

Infinity Evolution

Building on its iconic status, Stella has been through an evolutionary re-design with a new range of technologies. These developments are a work of engineering genius and touch just about every part of the reel including the gearing, line management and drag. They are developments that will make fishing more efficient, more effective and ultimately more enjoyable. SHIMANO calls it ‘Infinity Evolution’… but to anglers across the world, it will be known simply as Stella.

What’s it like inside?

Fishing with the Stella is an unforgettable experience, enhanced by the introduction of three ‘Infinity’ technologies.
INFINITYXROSS delivers a more durable gear construction than the highly acclaimed HAGANE GEAR. This offers more durability, especially when under extreme pressure, resulting in increased lifespan of the reel.
INFINITYLOOP is an ultra slow spool oscillation, with improved line lay. This measurably reduces line friction when casting, giving better casting performance.
INFINITYDRIVE produces powerful yet lightweight rotation, especially under heavy loads. In extreme situations, you can still maintain constant, consistent cranking pressure.
The revolutionary Stella also benefits from Shimano’s trusted HAGANE technology: HAGANE GEAR, MICRO MODULE GEAR II, X-SHIP and HAGANE BODY, which combine to deliver optimum smoothness and reassuringly powerful rotation.
Additional features including G-FREE BODY, X PROTECT, LONG STROKE SPOOL, SILENT DRIVE, and RIGID SUPPORT DRAG further enhance the performance and angler experience.

Trouble free line management and fish playing excellence

For trouble-free line management, a completely new feature called ANTI-TWIST FIN has been developed that controls the pressure on the line that goes through the line roller onto the spool. And if all of that isn’t enough, there is a new drag system called DURACROSS which offers improved drag smoothness, durability and hooking power. Finally, the drag control knob and the front of the AR-C spool have been slightly modified in shape to provide a smoother profile.

The tradition continues…

When the original Stella was first launched over a generation ago, it dramatically changed the history of spinning reels and continues as the all-time star that leads other models. The exquisite new Stella upholds this tradition and certainly doesn’t disappoint with its ‘Infinity Evolution’ tag line.
The Stella is available in 12 models to cover all uses and preferences and is also saltwater safe.
Retail prices start from €739,95.




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