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Att lokalisera fisk med ny ekolodsteknik för att sedan spinnfiska efter dom är en växande teknik. Två killar som hittat guld genom just detta är Hannu Vesaranta Team Westin och Saku Laaksonen Team Garmin!

During the weekend Hannu Vesaranta from Team Westin and his friend Saku Laaksonen from Team Garmin decided to explore a new zander water. After searching for a while they found an area with several fish standing pelagic close to the surface.

With help from Garmin Livescope they were casting different lures to the fish but it was not until Hannu tried a 17 cm ZanderTeez in the color Volga Zander that he got a violent strike. The fish went straight to the bottom and it was a heavy fight before it was in the net. A huge zander of 94 cm and 11 kilo was a new personal best for Hannu.

One hour later it happened again. Another huge fish took an 18 cm BullTeez in the color Motoroil Pike and went straight to the bottom. This time an even bigger fish went into the net: 97 cm and 12,3 kilos – and another new personal best for Hannu! The day only produced two fish but with a total weight of 23,3 kilos the guys were both speechless and impressed. What a crazy catch and what a crazy average weight!

//Team Westin


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