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Hello guys. Its been another busy week. Lots of reports are coming in, and it seems that carp fishing is really getting into gear.

French ProLogic consultants, Mathiu Faurisson and Julien Diconne, have been hard at work over the last couple of days, and as you can tell from the pictures, they have landed several beautiful mirror and common carp. The biggest of them have been in the 20 kilo range, but size isn’t always what’s most important. Julien had the pleasure of catching a bulky mirror carp using Crustacean Home Rolled boilies, and even though it wasn’t the biggest fish of the trip – it sure was one of the prettiest.

The fish fought valiantly, but in the end it surrendered and calmed down for a few quick pictures before being released. It weighed in at 14,2 kilos. Even more breathtaking, however, was his Koi Carp, which fell for one of the new HNV Freshwater Snal Crunch 20mm boilies. It was caught in a very small gravel pit, and it weighed in at eight kilos – a truly stunning fish! 

Jakob Andersen, is a very accomplished and experienced specimen fisherman, and besides fishing for big pike, zanders, and carp, he spends quite a bit of time targeting tench. On the 5th of June, Jakob visited one of his favourite tench venues, and even though the fishing would prove difficult, he managed to land a true trophy fish. The bait was a combination of corn and maggots fished on a size 8 hook, and the rod that broke the tench’s will and had it brought to shore was the ProLogic MP Specialist – a very cool rod for the purpose.

Keep the pictures and reports coming, whether it is big carp or any other great specimen fish – we cannot get enough!

As always, hi res pictures are available upon request.

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
Svendsen Sport A/S
Erhvervsparken 14
4621 Gadstrup


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