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Every year Nikolaj Hjort from Denmark spends two weeks guiding for Nordic Sea Angling ( at their camp at Havøysund in northern Norway.

According to Nikolaj there’s no doubt on the choice of rod for his sea fishing. “The Edge 3776, 20-30 lbs boat rod is simply top of the line, says Nikolaj. It is the best rod for this kind of fishing and shows an incredible amount of backbone; still it is light and has a great balance. Even when flexing down to the front handle it has that extra power, and I have never used a better rod.”

Besides fishing with different costumers Nicolaj was accompanied by his team-mate Kim Jæger when he was visiting the camp in July this year. Many days the weather was rough and conditions were hard, but they managed to test their rods on several big halibuts. During the two weeks Kim had halibust measuring 152 and 153 cm as his two best catches. Nikolaj was able to match this with an impressive fish measuring 156 cm. Both Kim and Nikolaj’s biggest were fat fish in prime condition and the weights were estimated at around 60 kilos before releasing those big halibuts – a great gesture and an important part of preserving the halibut population in the area.

All photos by courtesy of Nikolaj Hjort /

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