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Hi guys. The weekend is coming up, but we have a few saltwater reports for you before then. One of them is a 4.5lbs Tub Gurnard caught by Ryan Head aboard the ship Shogun on Tuesday 14th of June. ’We were Bass Fishing, explains skipper Rob Thompson, ’on a Sandbank, 8 miles from the Famous Needles Lighthouse at the Western end of the Isle of Wight, when the fish took a 16cm Savage Gear Sandeel (Sandeel Colour).

The Specimen size for our area is only 2lbs…making it a 225% fish (a gold medal fish by a mile). We released him or her to fight another day even though they taste great. This is the biggest Tub Gurnard I have seen in 33 years of angling’, says the happy skipper.

Also in, is a report from the guys at Swedish guide service Fish4U, who assisted in catching this year’s biggest halibut. It was caught the other day by Stefan Olsson on the Cutbait Herring in the new Glow colour, and it measured a whopping 203 centimeters! The monster fought valiantly, and the fight itself was a real battle of wills. When the fish was finally tired, it was secured along the boat, and Stefan then plunged himself into the water in his dry suit for a few quick pictures. Then the fish was released unharmed to roam the depths of the sea once again.

During the latest sunny summer days, the new Mama Rosa and Tequila Sunrise colours have also been leathal, and in general bright colours have worked really well, explains the guys at Fish4U.

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep the reports coming: Also, don’t forget to drop by the gallery at! Lots of new reports are accumulating there these days.

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

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