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We are really proud to present another team member from Sweden. Kristian or as most guys know him “Stampe” is born and raised in the deep forests of Dalsland, Sweden. When he learned to walk, he learned to fish, and he has a great fondness for the predators and especially the pike.

Fishing has always been a big part of his life and it’s been escalating more and more. “Stampe” can turn a simple piece of wood into a brutal refined fish magnet! His stunning and detailed lures are true craftsmanship down to the smallest details and he’s got his own unique style. When you get one of his lures in your hand, you will hold your breath for a few seconds…the lure, details and colors are just breathtaking. He’s been producing his handmade lures since 2007 which has taught him a lot about how a pike think and behave and what triggers the strike.

No shortcuts are taken in the manufacture of a “Stampe lure” and if he’s not completely satisfied with it, then it will never leave his basement. We’ve been working with Stampe for some time and he’s already developed custom colors on some of the most popular Westin lures such as: Bluegrass, Wow Perch, Stamped Roach and Crystal Perch just to mention a few, and we can assure you there’s much more to come. So breathe out and welcome this true artist aboard! Read and see more on his website:

 — med Kristian Stam StampeLures.


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