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Hi guys, Italian Prologic consultant, Willy Baccolini, recently received a batch of the new DDBait Readymades, and he made the best of them by going on a swift trip to one of his favourite carp venues – a heavily fished but exciting lake with some big fish.

Willy spent one night by the lake, and placed a 24mm Sinking Freshwater Snail Readymade in the middle of a concentrated 2 kilo prebaiting of the same kind in the hopes of intercepting some passing fish. He then sat down to have a meal, but he had hardly even gotten started before the bite alarm sounded.

After striking the fish, he could immediately tell that it was a big one. And after a very heady fight, he could net a beautiful 20,1 kilo common carp in perfect shape. What a start for the new bait range!

As you can tell from the attached pictures, Norwegian carp angler Atle Håkonsen has also been out fishing. He recently visited Sweden with his female companion Emma Bäcker, and he managed to pull one of the biggies from a nice, calm lake. Atle fished with the new DD Bait Guana/redbull crunch boilies, and the fish that he caught was a beautiful 16,2 kilo common carp with lots of fighter spirits. Quite an accomplishment, since Common carp grow extremely slow in the relatively cold waters of the Nordic region.

Have a great weekend, and keep the pictures and reports coming, whether it is big carp or any other great specimen fish – we cannot get enough!

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
Svendsen Sport A/S 


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