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Hi everyone, carp fishing is up in gear, and we’re trying to keep up with all the new reports. Especially the new HNV boilie range and the new Readymades are generating great results, and the response in the carp community so far has been massive.

ProLogic consultant, Mathiu Faurisson, and his buddy Aurelien recently did a weekend session of carp fishing on a French venue. They fished with DDBait Readymades, and the results were staggering. The two caught a couple of massive fish with Mathiu’s 21,5 kilo fish being the biggest. It was a really short but weighty mirror carp that couldn’t resist the alluring scent of a Crustacean Readymade.

Expert carp angler, Martin Ejler Olsen, fished a single 16mm Scopex Livercrunch pop up over a bed of crunched Scopex boilies on a local venue, and even though it was a relatively short session, he enjoyed some hectic fishing.

What really made his day was a beautiful grass carp, which swallowed up the pop up without hesitation and delivered a terrific fight with several powerful runs and rushes.

Safely on shore, Martin weighed the fish in at 10,2 kilos, and after a few quick pictures, the fish was released unharmed into the turbid and luke-warm water.

A few days ago, German ProLogic consultant Bastian Reetz was out testing the new HNV range of boilies. He explains that, two minutes after he cast the 24mm Scopex-Liver Bait out into a shallow, weedy bay, he was into a hard fighting fish which weighed in at 19kg and 105cm. It was a target fish for me, says Bastian. ’The 3Ib T-Carp in combination with C4 hooks in size 6 on long monofilament rigs (enough stretch) did the trick for me in the weedy conditions’.

The new HNV boilie range is now in stock along with the new readymades, liquid dips, feeder mixes and powders.

Keep the pictures and reports coming – – and have a great weekend.

As always, Hi Res pictures available upon request. Also, don’t forget to check the gallery at for more catch reports.

Med venlig hilsen/All the best

Rasmus Ovesen
Marketing coordinator
Svendsen Sport A/S


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