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Buster lanserar Buster Magnum Cabin, lite av en elegant pansarvagn för den båtburne sportfiskaren, kanske speciellt trollaren eller varför inte guiden med behov av lite extra komfort!

– Buster is updating its range of cabin models. The newest addition is the Buster Magnum Cabin, a stylish, comfortable and easy to handle boat for all weather conditions that is designed for eight persons. The Magnum Cabin is a practical boat for long boating seasons that can be used right after the ice leaves in springtime all the way to the following winter.

The hull of the new model is just over 7.5 metres in length and made of aluminium, while the deck and cabin are made from reinforced plastic. Large panoramic windows and unobstructed 360-degree visibility give the interior the feel of being in an open boat except with all the comforts of a cabin.

As with open boat models in the Magnum range, the driving properties of the Magnum Cabin are confidence inspiring and sporty. The maximum speed with the larger outboard option is approximately 45 knots. At comfortable cruising speeds of 25-30 knots, fuel consumption with the Yamaha F300 outboard is approximately 1.3 l per nautical mile, depending on load. The outboard options are the Yamaha F225 and Yamaha F300.

The Magnum Cabin represents the fifth generation of Buster cabin models. The properties and requirements of the latest Yamaha electronically controlled outboards have been taken into consideration already in the design phase.

The hull construction of the Magnum Cabin is based on the hull of the Buster SuperMagnum. The length of the new model is 7.58 metres and the beam 2.55 metres. The weight of the boat without outboard is 1650 kg and the load capacity 892 kg.

The history of Buster centre-cabin models dates back to 2008, when the 6.35-metre Buster XXL AWC was launched. This model was followed by the 6.6-metre Buster XXL Cabin and the 6.9-metre Buster Cabin. In 2018, the model range was further extended with the addition of the luxury Buster Phantom Cabin with a length of almost 10 metres.

Emphasis on comfortable and stylish commuting

The design of the Magnum Cabin emphasises its use as a commuting boat. A large 350-litre stowage space is located in the bow, making it easy to use when loading the boat. Roof railings also allow light loads to be transported on the roof. A sturdy targa bar at the rear of the roof can be used for attaching various accessories, such as rod boxes, a search light or a radar.

Another large stowage space can be found inside under the right rear bench, while the left side has seats, a table and space for the optional refrigerator.

The cabin features a walk-through design, in addition to which the bow can be accessed from the stern outside along the right side of the cabin. The boat is easy to board thanks to the spacious access areas and sturdy railings at both the bow and stern. The floor surfaces both inside and out are covered in non-slip patterned aluminium sheets. Double railings facilitate access from the bow, while the wide swimming platform that extends far to the side of the outboard is easy to access from the steps in the right corner of the aft deck.

The bright cabin has seating for six, and folding benches for two are available in the sheltered aft cockpit. The cockpit can also be equipped with an optional outside steering position, making it easy to skipper the boat when alone or fishing.

The spaciousness of the cabin is emphasised by the large side windows and an openable, full-width roof hatch. The adjustable navigator’s seat makes it possible to sit facing forwards in the direction of travel or backwards towards those sitting around the table. The stylish stitching on the seats emphasises the high-quality impression of the cabin.

Ergonomics and carefully considered solutions

The layout of the controls is ergonomic, and all the solutions have been carefully considered down to the smallest detail. Standard equipment includes a 16″ Buster Q smart display, and options include a Raymarine Fishfinder, automatic identification system (AIS) and Raymarine Quantum radar. The console features a dedicated place for the Yamaha Helm Master EX joystick and display. Helm Master EX enables precise and easy control of the boat in tight spaces, such as in harbours and narrow channels.

Both the skipper’s and the navigator’s consoles have been designed with practical storage space for small personal items and mobile devices. Power for charging is provided by USB ports and 12-volt power outlets built into the consoles and at the rear of the cabin.

The Magnum Cabin can be powered by either a hydraulically controlled Yamaha F225 or F300 outboard or the latest Yamaha F300 V6 outboard featuring Digital Electronic Control (DEC). DEC was previously available only on Yamaha’s flagship XTO Offshore outboards.

The DEC system also includes Digital Electric Steering (DES), which delivers extreme precision and smoothness and offers a huge advancement in boat control compared to hydraulic steering. The steering response can be adjusted easily according to the conditions and individual preference: the number of rotations from lock to lock can be adjusted from four to nine rotations. The steering response can also be adjusted automatically according to the engine speed. The automatic trim assist adjusts the outboard’s trim angle to the optimal position for the best performance and fuel economy when accelerating and cruising.

The space and maintenance requirements of the reliable electric steering system are minimal, as DES eliminates the need for traditional hydraulic hoses and pumps. It also requires less power than traditional hydraulic steering.

Wide range of options

The Buster Magnum Cabin comes with readiness for a bow thruster and heater. Positioning the heater is easy thanks to ready brackets and windshield fan tubes. Cable piping also makes it easy to retrofit equipment, for example when converting the boat for fishing.

Standard equipment includes the 16” Buster Q smart display, Navionics electronic navigation charts, hydraulic steering, LED lighting in the cockpit, a tilt steering wheel, windshield wipers, navigation lights, an offshore seat for the skipper, joystick-operated trim tabs, a Yamaha Y-COP immobiliser, a cushion set and a targa bar.

A wide range of options is also available, including Yamaha Helm Master EX with joystick, autopilot, an outside steering position, an aft canvas, an anchor winch, sonar, a fishfinder, a refrigerator kit, radar, AIS, a dual battery system, a bow thruster, a remote-control search light, a heater, a shore power system and a solar panel.

The engine options are a hydraulically controlled Yamaha F225 or F300 outboard or the latest Yamaha F300 V6 outboard featuring Digital Electronic Control (DEC). With the latter, the optional outside steering position is also fitted with electronic control. The sides of the boat can be unpainted, grey or with grey foiled sides.

The Buster Magnum Cabin is made in Ähtäri, Finland.

Buster Magnum Cabin 2022

  • Length 7.58 m
  • Beam 2.55 m
  • Weight 1650 kg
  • Max load 892 kg (passengers and cargo)
  • Seating capacity 8
  • Engine power range 225–300 hp
  • Fuel tank 280 l
  • Height from keel / waterline 3.08 m / approx. 2.5 m (loaded)
  • Max speed approx. 45 knots

Prisexempel i Sverige:

Buster Magnum Cabin + Yamaha F225XCB = 1 140 000 SEK
Buster Magnum Cabin incl. Premium package + Yamaha F300XSB = 1 380 000 SEK




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